What We Do

What We Do

Since it was founded in 2008, Ecolocity has held some great events and made significant accomplishments.  Here are our favorites:

– Establishing a community garden at Bruce Monroe Park(Georgia Ave. at Columbia Rd. NW) that allows D.C. residents to grow their own fresh produce

– Establishing a forest garden at Emergence Community Arts Collective (733 Euclid St. NW) to demonstrate the viability of intensive urban agriculture in densely built neighborhoods. Planting began in fall 2011.

– Creating the Potomac, the local currency for the DC Metro region

– Expanding forest gardens to parks, public spaces, yards, and other spaces in 2012. About 30 different locations have been proposed for the next implementation phase.

– Establishing a DC Foodshed Map

– Holding a series of workshops on sustainable food and composting with the support of Washington Parks and People

– Organizing community swap and pot-luck days

– Holding a Training for Transition weekend with trainers from US Transition Network

– Establishing the Petworth Community Market

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