Sustainable Efforts for Every Home

Sustainable Efforts for Every Home

As people who love having new things, most all of us end up with a lot of waste on any given day. We throw a lot of items away that could be used for other things. Our waste fills up the landfills and if you think about it; its unnecessary. We should all work hard to minimize waste and there are a lot of tips and tricks for how you can implement sustainable efforts for every home into your home.

The Basics

Reduce and ReuseOne of the easiest ways that you can produce less waste is to recycle the items that you cannot avoid using. For instance, soda bottles can be recycled so that you get the soda and less waste. Instead of always eating canned foods, you could eat fresh vegetables. If you do not want to eat fresh vegetables, find a way to recycle the cans. Use them around your home as pencil holders or in your workshop to hold small bolts and things. You buy the canned foods and then avoid buying small bowls and stuff.

Recycle and Upcycle

UpcycleUpcycling is a great way to lessen your waste. It is the act of taking something old and recreating it to turn it into something new and wonderful. When you have a piece of furniture that you no longer want, give it to someone who may need it. Even if it isn’t exactly what they want, they can change it to make it something that works for them. If you are in need of a new dresser, you can find someone who doesn’t want theirs. You can then take your old dresser that you no longer want and turn it into something completely different. You may turn an old dresser into an entertainment stand or a book shelf and put it where you may need it the most. By upcycling, you can turn anything into something great again, if not for your home then for someone else’s. You can even take an old interior door and upcycle it to create a counter or bar top. To see how this is possible, you can check out Epoxy Countertop DIY’s bar top post.

Trade UP

Perhaps you and a group of neighbors and friends can get together with all of the old furniture that no one wants in their home and trade up. You can get a piece of furniture from your neighbor and either love it as it is or recreate it and make it something you will love. Most upcycling and recycling projects are easy to do. You simply have to have a vision in mind and then let your creativity flow. It makes it possible for you to go to a yard sale or trade with friends so that you spend very little money and end up with a new furniture item that could have cost you hundreds of dollars. Which sounds better to you? Are you creative enough to get started saving and recycling? Most people are.

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