Save the date, clean out your closets, put up some preserves, bake goodies, harvest early lettuce … bring it all to our first community swap …

Going to pot on Memorial Day!
Potomac Potlatch
Monday May 25 2009, 1-7 pm
Emergence Community Arts Collective
733 Euclid Street NW, Washington DC 20001

Trade your cast-offs
Buy and sell seeds, seedlings, plants and produce
Market your services, home-made goods
Meet your neighbors
Bring a vegetarian dish to share
Table space provided but feel free to bring your own

Transactions will be negotiated in Potomacs, our new local currency on par with federal dollars.
Exchange rate P1 = $0.95 (5% incentive). Cambio on site.

RSVP to reserve table space or call 202 545 0869
Volunteers needed for set-up, cleanup and cambio. Contributions invited for compostable plates, cups and utensils.

Spread the word and let’s warm up our local economy.

Our first Potomac Potlatch was a moderate success with a turnout of about 20.
There were:
4 vendor registrations
Ecolocity table sales/donations P22
Event circulation P130
Current total circulation P82

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