Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub (MATH)

If you are interested in resuming or continuing Transition efforts, i’m writing to introduce Pamela Boyce Simms who can offer support. I met with her on Friday and she is enthusiastic to see Transition going again in the DMV. If you have taken the Transition Training she may be contacting you directly. Please pass on this information to anyone who may be interested.

Pamela Boyce Simms, Certified Transition Trainer, KD2GUF

Mid-Atlantic Regional Transition Hub,…


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UDC Food Nodes in Each DC Ward

UDC College of Urban Ag and sustainability (CAUSES) have  plans to develop food hubs in all wards of the city. Their sustainability vision is  to close the cycle in growing food and recycling food waste into compost.  The food hubs are built on 4 components: food production, preparation, distribution, and collection of organic wastes for composting.  I’m preparing a push in DC with the gov’t and advocacy community to advance a commercial scale food and organics yard waste composting…


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Hi, everyone

My first post, Google

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Local Farming

As a kid, I picked strawberries at a farm with a strawberry patch.

This is a happy memory. But there is another type of strawberry patch. It is inside a building. Sounds like a greenhouse, but my idea is different.

To begin, the building is a multi-story windowless warehouse. Inside are rows of strawberries on growing racks stretching to the ceiling. With two foot high racks, there would…


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Emerging Leaders Summer Fellowship Program with Groundswell – Due April 1

The Emerging Leaders Summer Fellowship Program is a 12-week paid fellowship program for undergraduate and graduate students with an exceptional record of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, and a commitment to social justice. The fellowship is open to students of color and first-generation students from all majors and areas of study. The timeline of the fellowship is mid-May through mid-August. There is some flexibility around start and end dates depending on the Fellow’s…


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Growing Urban Agriculture at Rooting DC

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Rooting DC, the Washington area’s annual free conference for urban gardeners had its sixth go-around this year, and continues to experience tremendous growth in interest and originality. For those who didn’t get the chance to attend, the conference has all of the…


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Please support Indiegogo campaign

Finally launched campaign for funds to complete painting series, publish book and create traveling exhibit around PANACEA. The series and exhibition will be entitled “Case Study: Jamaica”, the country with which i am most familiar, demonstrating the colonial, exploitive, hierarchical structure made possible by money, and cause of environmental degradation and the plight of the 99%. Monetarily, Jamaica is a basket case, along with Greece, Spain, Ireland and other countries. The title…


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Forward on Climate Rally a Rousing Success for D.C. and the Nation

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by Shannon Brescher Shea

The Forward on Climate Rally last weekend was the largest climate change rally in U.S. history and potentially could help change the conversation on climate in a way that hasn’t happened in the country yet. In his State of the Union, President Obama called on…


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Riley Hamilton passed away September 15, 2012

Today, Sunday September 23, 2012 would have been Riley Hamilton’s 45th birthday.

However, upon calling him to wish him a happy birthday, his father answered and

told me Riley passed away on September 15, 2012, His funeral was on Saturday,

September 22, 2012.

Riley had a stroke in 2010 (his second I understand) which left him effectively blind.

He seemed to be recovering well, and was always in good spirits when I would see

him, the last time…


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New Book added to the Ecolocity Library: Deep Future -The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth, by Curt Stager

Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth –

CURT STAGER is an ecologist, paleoclimatologist, and science writer with a Ph.D. in biology and geology from Duke University. He has published over three dozen climate- and ecology-related articles in major journals including Science and Quaternary Research, and has written for popular audiences in The Utne Reader, Fast Company, and National Geographic. He teaches at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondack Mountains…


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Creating a sustainable world without injustices. Videos!

I am in India right now. What has impressed me the most is the many ways Indians look. Not at all one standard look, so many combinations. Very similar to Africa in pace and people.

The other thing is the domination of the brown and dark brown masses by the lighter skin Indians. Just like Latin America you only see the more european looking Indians in leading…


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The Source Farm Foundation and Learning Village

The Source Farm Foundation and Learning Village is a multi-cultural, intergenerational eco-village, located in Johns Town, in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica.


Small Story interview with Dwight

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Sign the Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline petition to the White House

Please take a little time to register and sign the

Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline petition on the White House We The People petition site.!/petition/reject-keystone-xl-pipeline/TX9r0zfh


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Petition for green jobs: people creating jobs for people

We are at a critical time for both the planet and for our people. We urgently need jobs and we also desperately need to reduce global warming. I have created a petition on move-on to increase production of renewable energy, create jobs and help the planet in the process. I am using the petition as a tool to propagate this message. If you agree with me please sign the petition. If enough people sign it move-on will take it up.

Please click here:…


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Paid Farm position in Ohio

Any farmers looking for jobs on this site?

Procter Center in London, Ohio is seeking an aspiring farmer who is committed to sustainable agriculture and public outreach. As a new endeavor the farmer will have access to the land, resources, staff, and support they need to establish a successful small farm enterprise.

Procter Center serves thousands of guests each year and encompasses 1200+ acres in predominantly agricultural Madison County. This is a unique opportunity to design,…


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This video says everything.

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Foodshed Map Updated!

Just made the latest updates to the DC Foodshed Map to include more community gardens and farmers’ markets in DC and Prince George’s County!  Check it out on the DC Foodshed Map.  You can also see the Frequently Asked Questions, Add to the Foodmap, or…  Continue

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Want Fresher Produce? Leave Dirt Behind


Butter lettuce from Gotham Greens, a new hydroponic garden in industrial Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


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That’s Not Trash, That’s Dinner


LAST week in Chelsea, Mich., as people wilted and…


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D.C. Foodshed Map Points to Local Resources

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“Eating local” is nothing more than a turn-of-phrase without defining the word “local.” Although some corporate natural foods stores label blueberries from Northern New Jersey as local to D.C., most agricultural advocates define local as grown or otherwise produced within 100 miles of the buyer. This range is often referred to as a region’s “foodshed.” Thankfully, we here in the D.C.…  Continue