• Forest Gardening

    3 membersLatest Activity: Feb 21, 2013

    This group supports the efforts of individuals, organizations, and other stakeholders to establish forest gardens of all sizes in the Metro…

  • VA Transition Mullers

    6 membersLatest Activity: Oct 16, 2011This is a space for those who live in Virginia and are interested in transition to find one another, share resources, and plan next steps.

  • NoVA Transition Mullers

    7 membersLatest Activity: Oct 16, 2011This is a space for those who are interested in Transition and who live in Northern Virginia to find each other.

  • Metro DC and US Social Forum

    3 membersLatest Activity: Aug 2, 2010Another World Is Possible! Another US is Necessary! This group is for discussion and ideas on participating in the Metro DC and US Social Forums.


    6 membersLatest Activity: Jun 12, 2014

    Planetary Accounting Network Affording Communities Equitable Access, a new economic paradigm replacing profit-making with…

  • Urban Beekeeping

    5 membersLatest Activity: Nov 16, 2011

    The honeybee is in trouble.  Help us propagate the honeybee in the city by creating partnerships with building owners, community gardens, and…

  • Sustainable Silver Spring

    6 membersLatest Activity: Jul 27, 2012Let’s make DC’s northern neighbor an example of the best in sustainable urban living!

  • Land for All

    14 membersLatest Activity: Sep 12, 2012Affordable and accessible land –not only backyard lots but also large-scale public land available to meet public needs–supports greater and more…

  • Sustainable McMillan

    20 membersLatest Activity: Jul 27, 2012Historic McMillan Park is threatened with senseless development if concerned activists do nothing to prevent it. A permaculture solution is…

  • Guerilla Gardeners

    22 membersLatest Activity: Jan 24, 2012Calling all subversive gardeners.

  • Herban Foragers

    18 membersLatest Activity: Mar 21, 2013Calling all foragers, street salad chefs, tree climbers, berry hunters, backyard physicians, naturopaths, freegans and dumpster divers. Dinner grows…

  • Video Lists

    2 membersLatest Activity: Aug 14, 2010An experiment to see the easiest way to compile a list of good videos

  • Intentional Community

    10 membersLatest Activity: Mar 21, 2013Let us plant the seed that will one day flourish as a vibrant community living in harmony with each other and with the earth, modeling solutions that…

  • Brookland Sustainable Transition Network

    13 membersLatest Activity: Dec 8, 2009Our N.E. Washington neighborhood has a tradition of civic activism, strong local businesses and love of green spaces. Follow our progress as we…

  • Transition Bethesda

    10 membersLatest Activity: Aug 25, 2010For anyone who lives in Bethesda or surrounding towns and would like to see the transition movement applied specifically to this area.

  • Artists for a Green DC

    24 membersLatest Activity: Sep 12, 2012We will use ‘Art’ as a means to create awareness and social movement towards a green society; painters, poets, musicians, writers, and all other…

  • Herbology

    12 membersLatest Activity: Apr 19, 2011What grows for you? How do you cultivate, harvest, prepare? Fresh, dried, pulverized, tabletized, encapsulated, tisaned, tinctured? And for what…

  • Community Exchange

    30 membersLatest Activity: Aug 21, 2013Alternative commerce, green dollars, hours, local economy, parallel currency, LETS, CES

  • Biotecture

    14 membersLatest Activity: Mar 21, 2013green building, natural building, cob, rammed earth, adobe, earthships, straw bale

  • Transport

    8 membersLatest Activity: Nov 10, 2010Explore alternatives to fossil-fuel burning vehicles: self-propelled, Tesla, HCV, electric